August 04, 2006

Random, Runway, KMac

I found that the way to get myself out of my doldrums was to watch an arrogant prick get thrown off of Project Runway by my gay TV boyfriend, Tim Gunn. However, it was disheartening to see poor Tim sitting on a dirty floor. Also, the elation I felt at seeing Keith get his comeuppance was mitigated by seeing talentless Angela actually win. I�d like to think that she would have lost had it not been for the fact that she chose arguably the two most talented designers, construction-wise, to be on her team. That kind of blew the show for me, though � it became a strategy reality show, which I hate. I like this show because it�s about creating a product and being judged on the quality of that product, not strategizing and all the other bullshit I hate about other reality shows.

Oh, and Angela? Keep your greasy paws off sexy, sexy Michael. I know you�re happy you won, but that doesn�t mean you get to dry hump him on the sidewalk in front of Macy�s.


I�m really looking forward to this weekend because our friend KMac is flying in tonight, and I�m going to cook so much food for her. We�re going to watch trashy movies and drink caipirinhas and act like assholes. I hope this is OK with her. Good times!


I know that I promised to complain about work, but I just don�t have the patience or energy at the moment; it�s a large well from which to draw. I guess my promises are worth shit.


metanephros at 9:45 am

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